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Stories - Gr. Ch. Banjo ROM


In 1990 The texas Iron Man Coy D. and a friend purchased some dogs from the yard of Joe Hoskins and Tony McCool. They left with some very good prospects and a 10 month old male, who was whelped in April of 1989, out of McCool's Sack and Hoskin's Betty Joe. Since the litter was out of Sack, who had quit in 1:42 against a good dog of Bo Well's, for this reason the litter was not high on Mr. McCool's list and wasn't worth much to him. As a matter of fact, the whole litter of six was offered to L.G. for $300. The 10 month old male was sold for $100 and was called Banjo.

After a quick roll, at the age of 12 months, Banjo was then purchased by Coy from his friend for $150. At this time, The Texas Iron Man also returned to Hoskins and McCool's yard to purchase three more litter mates of Banjo $100 each. Two of these yearlings were culled and one female was kept, her name was BB Red.

Still young, Banjo was matched into Wilson's Wolfy at 45 lbs. Wolfy couldn't scratch back. for number two, Banjo was matched into Anderson's Slick and it was over in :29 minutes. For his championship, The Oklahoma Boys brought their 2X winner named Grunt, it took Banjo :33 minutes to diperse of the 35 lb. black dog, who couldn't stand at that time and was believed to be dead. His fourth was into W. River's Ch. Vito, who was picked up at :43 and made adead game courtesy scratch. For his fifth and grand championship, Banjo went into Raul's 2X winner named Sonny Boy. It ended with Sonny Boy being picked up to save his life at :25. In an attempt to get Gr. Ch. Banjo matched once more, The Texas Iron Man and M.A.D. futilely petitioned R. Hall to use his Gr. Ch. Andy Capp in a battle of grand champions, unfortunately Mr. Hall declined these advances.

Banjo and his litter mate sister, BB Red, both made grand champions at the young age of three and a half years old, and became the first brother and sister, registered grand champions. Banjo went on to become a Register Of Merit before his death, while his sister died in the summer of 1996.



All right lets change the pace a bit. Does anybody have any of this blood? If you don't you might want to consider it. Oh yeah, for you PETA people this is only a story . he he he he!!!

I saw Banjo's damn, who was a super game little bitch (Coy finally got her killed going #3lbs up hill, into a good one). But then, every dog she beat was bigger than she was.

Saw Banjo 2 times. The first was against a Okie dog named Grunt that had won 2 impressively, there was a little jockeying at first then Banjo got onto the head, then took out Grunts shoulder, it went strait down hill for Grunt at that point as he laid down. You DONT fight a dog like Banjo (or any other good dog) from the floor!!!!

The second was for Banjo's #4 (if I remember correctly). He went into Raul & Sonny's super game little dog (cant remember his name, but it is in the mags. He was a Pedro bred dog. Well Banjo basically wacked his butt but he kept coming, running those eye popping scratches that impress everyone. His courtesy scratch took about 30 seconds as he made the "gamest" scratch I have seen.

Those of you that have seen the video of Banjo x Grunt may want to know that Banjo was far more impressive in his last outings. Saw B.B. Red in a couple schooling rolls, and then when she beat Carroll's "Gizmo" bitch. It was 45+/- minutes of rough swapping out. With BB coming out on top obviously. In my opinion the styles of Banjo and BB red were almost completely different. Banjo was a slick, smart, offensive head dog. BB Red was a "screw you all" I am going to kill you, kinda dog!! She would take a punch to give one, and Banjo was more into just giving the punch. I wish I would have seen when BB red beat Ken Allen in what was it 4 minutes? Coy told me she dove into Ken's bitchs' genital area, Kens dog turned and a turn was granted, when BB let go to with holds Coy made a handle and Kens bitch stood. All in about the same time than you have been reading this message!!!!!!! Another of the seemingly forgotten of this blood is Ch Leroy Brown. Saw him whip the Kemmers in about 40 minutes or so, Impressive bulldog. More of a traditional "brawler".

I also saw, first hand, Coys Ch "Nemo". I lost to "Nemo" with a 2 x winner that had previously beaten the LA Dream Team and Border City from Mexico. Coy and I were friends at the time and he let his wife (at that time) handle Ch Nemo. Well, my dog quite on all fours in about 30 minutes, after winning for the first 20 or so. That was Nemo's first, he went on to win 3 more and died in a win against the Bellon Club. He was a dead game dog that could fight. His brother Chip was better. Clarks Ch Cowboy, BB Reds and Banjos Uncle, was another great dog, that produced well after Randy Clark sold him to C. Mayfield out west.

I've seen alot more of the dogs of this bloodline, and I like it. I have chosen another bloodline to go with for a few reasons. In my opinion these dogs are very tricky to breed, be careful inbreeding them!!!!!!!! I've seen some inferior freaks caused by inbreeding this blood too much, but I guess that can happen with any blood.

When Mike Thibedoux was originally obtaining the base stock of this present bloodline, Maurice Carver told him to wait until they were 3 because they matured slower than some of the other blood. Waiting until they are 3 is probably a good idea for any blood!!!!!!! Dead Serious Kennels is proving that they are here to stay and as good as any!!!!!!