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Stories - Gr. Ch. Virgil ROM

"Virgil" was born in a litter of four and was the last one to turn on. We tried rolling him at eighteen months but he was not interested. Our efforts to roll Virgil did not succeed until he was two years old.

In his first roll he fought against a hard biting "Eli" dog who hit two arteries within four minutes. Virgil retaliated by destroying this dog within the next six minutes. In the next roll, Virgil came off the chain against a big strong opponent of Boomerang breeding, who was conditioned, and thirty minutes later the owner picked his dog up. Virgil had done considerable damage and was about to put him away.

Big Brad contacted me and set up a match with friends of his at fourty-nine pounds. First match, Ted and Frank vs. Ozzie Stevens. When released Virgil barnstormed his opponent called Harley from the first minute and never let up until Ted picked up at twenty-eight minutes. Virgil never got a mark on him.

Second match, F. Rocco called to inform me that Mike So. had a two time winner called Cain that nobody would match. He explained Big Brad backed down from him with his Loco dog. I called Mike and we agreed to match at fourty-eight pounds. On the day of the fight I couldn't get Virgil to empty out. We walked him over and over to no avail. Mike So. looked at his dog and then at Virgil and said he wanted the forfeit and wasn't going to fight at all. I tried to get him to change his mind, but I could not. My right hand man was there, his name was Bob Bryan and tried to negotiate with Mike So. After plenty talking Bryan came back over to me and said that Mike So. was ready to get in the pit with his dog. I asked him how he did it. He said,"it was easy, he just set a time limit on the match, that is the fight was still going on at fourty-five minutes, i would have to concede and give the fight to Mike So. and Cain.

I thought this was crazy and I didn't like it, as Bryan would always give advantages away in all his matches (like giving away three or four pounds in all his matches). But I thought it was better this way than not to match at all. When the dogs were released Cain showed ability and bite. But the more pressure he tried put on Virgil, the faster Virgil fought and the harder he bit. This match was taking place high on top of a hill. The barn sat out in the open with no shade. Humidity was high and Cain turned at twenty minutes. When handled and realeased, Cain started out, and Virgil shot out of his corner, hitting Cain in the chest so hard that he drove Cain's backend to the floor in a sitting position. They were both biting good, but Virgil was clearly getting the best of it. I looked for a handle and got it. I scratched Virgil and he pounded Cain in his corner. Virgil was now biting hard on the nose, chest, shoulders and stifles. Cain to scratch again at twenty-eight minutes. Virgil met Cain in the middle of the pit, but at the last second, side stepped him taking a leg hold and running right by him, flipping Cain over. Virgil was fighting an extremely fast pace and doing damage. I called Byran as I was worried about making the time limit. "How muh time do we have", I asked. Bryan replied it was now thirty-two minutes. I got a handle and back of the pit. Virgil went into a foul hold and once again I called to Bryan; "How much time do we have", Bryan called out thirty-six minutes. I got a handle immediately and when Mike So. released Cain, he fell in his corner and was counted out at thirty-eight minutes. This fight made "2" for Virgil.

Bob Bryan and Greg Garnett contacted me quite some time later and they said they had a match hooked up against Grace's CH. Elmo which was a litter mate to GR. CH. Mickey and GR. CH. Trouble. I was the second match at this convention. Chicken Man Dave fought first and lost. It was his barn and his scale. When I weigh, the scale was gone. I asked Chicken Man where the scale was and his reply was that he was not letting anybody use his scale. It all sounding fishy to me. But I put Virgil on the scale to weigh him. Our match was set up at 49 pounds. The scale said Virgil was two pounds light at 47 pounds. When I asked for a test weight, my opponent tied a string around a barbell and hung that around the scale to verify the scale was right. I said "bullshit" as I weighed my dog in the last week and had a certified test weight and four different scales and Virgil was on the weight on all of them. What this meant was my opponent was two pounds over weight. But with all the arguing, I said the hell with it, let's get it on. Virgil met Elmo in his corner and Elmo popped an artery in Virgil's muzzle and another one in his shoulder. By eight minutes Elmo had Virgil down. But Virgil was deep into the chest from the bottom. When under pressure, Virgil seemed to lose his temper and sure showed it this day! For at the eight minute mark, he came off the bottom with Elmo's chest in his mouth and he pressed Elmo over his head. Elmo's front legs fell over Virgil's back while his legs were suspended in mid air. Virgil then threw Elmo to the pit wall. He made a flurry into the throat for a couple of minutes and switched to a belly and kidney hold. Virgil had unusually long fangs and he buried them up to the gum lines in his kidneys. Virgil left loose and then repeated this procedure two more times. After that Elmo was not fighting back. His owner gave up the fight at thirty minutes. But his dog died a short while later. This was win number "3" for Virgil.

Fourth fight I was called by Frank Bunce to match into CH. Chisohn who was a four time winner. He was owned by Swango and Sears bred by K.Gaines. In this fight Virgil caught in his corner and popped an artery with the first five minutes. It seemed that every time Virgil touched him, he drew blood. But CH. Chisohn was game and determined. Virgil had a rough time with him but was slowly breaking him down. By fourty minutes, CH. Chishon was in bad shape. Swango conceded at fifty-two minutes and CH. Chishon died right after the fight to make this win number "4" for Virgil.

The fifth fight was against Phil's Little George who was a two time winner and a deep game dog. Virgil experienced some kidney problems in the fourth fight and and in the last two weeks before this match the kidney problems came back. Virgil started out fast and tore a gaping hole in Little George's chest. Within the first ten minutes it looked like he was going to put him away. Then he heated up probably because of the intense kidney infection. Little George started coming back into the fight and got Virgil down for a little while. But the more George tried to put on Virgil, the worse Virgil bit him right back into the gaping hole that he opened in the begining of the fight. As they were standing up battling it out, you could see the blood dripping out of his chest like you turned on the spigot; I had been dripping like this from the beginning of the fight. Little George had weakened and went down. He had a hold of Virgil's leg. Virgil was chewing on his head to get him off and it sounded like he was chewing on his knuckle bone. Phil conceded at forty three minutes to make this win number "5" for Virgil.
He was six years old, and I sold him to "Solo" formerly with "STP" Kennels where he lived until he died at 11 years old.

This information was obtained from an unknown magazine written by Ozzie Stevens .